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Avi and Her Doggies is a book about a little girl and her five wonderful dogs. Each one of her doggies is unique and special. Get to know more about them and find out which one is her favorite. I hope that every child who loves dogs and animals will be able to relate and enjoy this book.

The book features full page colourful illustrations, simple rhyming verse and is great for bedtime reading. Suitable for ages 2-7 and for early readers.

Cover page of the book Avi and Her Doggies
Meet Avi & Her Doggies!

I am happy to share that it is now available on Amazon worldwide in an e-book format.

Available here: (India): here | (US): here

Others: Please look for the title ‘Avi and Her Doggies’ on your Amazon store.

A humble request: If you do read the book and you and your child enjoys it, please leave a review on Amazon. It will be very valuable to me. Also, please let your friends know. If you have any comments, feel free to let me know about that too. It will help me improve the reading experience going forward.

How do I get a physical copy of this book?

I am still working to figure that out. I will provide an update as soon as I figure out the right printing solution. If you have any advice on this topic, I am listening 🙂

Thank you for reading this! ( now go check out my book.. haha )


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