About Me

Hello! I am Khyati, an analyst turned artist who loves connecting dots and telling stories. I write, I draw and sometimes I paint. But mostly, I just wonder and wander.

You can also check out my other work at:

My personal-political comics set in Indian context: https://bakarmax.com/comics_author/khyati/

I have designed a game called “Snake-a-doo” that is aimed to spread awareness about snakes and snakebites. It is a not-for-profit project run in collaboration with friends. https://snakeadoo.wordpress.com/

I also write a newsletter about current affairs in India from a policy perspective. http://understandingindia.substack.com/

You can subscribe to my website or follow me on my instagram @ohthescribblebee and twitter @thescribblebee

I would love to hear your comments, thoughts and feedback. Also open to collaboration opportunities.



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