When No Labels Fit You!

It’s hard to define yourself through a set of labels. Labels are always misleading. The moment one says “I am this..”, a set of assumptions are made about you. The moment one says “I am not this…” another set of assumptions ensue. The reality is often somewhere in the middle.

Once I made the mistake of declaring at the family dinner table, “I am an introvert”. Pat I got the reply, “Hey, but you are not shy!”. ( I made a mental note for another comic idea. ‘I’s would understand why.) Well, I am 90% introvert and 10% extrovert on the whole personality test thingy. I think the 10% is thanks to my aunt who forcible pushed me into mundane social situations like “calling the plumber” in my teenage. Most of my friends will disagree with this (i.e. me being an introvert) because I am such a chatterbox with them. (to my friends – it’s a sign I that I really really really like you).

In any case, I do play the “extrovert” game well. Actually, I should add the qualifier “mostly”. I do play the “extrovert” game well, except for the times when it really counts. “When it really counts” is when my introvert jumps out and makes the awkward appearance – either leaving me tongue tied or even worse – gurgling out illegible words strung into a nonsensical sentence accompanied by unwarranted heavy breathing.

See? That’s the complication with just one label. Now add to this labels related to political affiliations, gender, nationality and what not. Good luck fitting into any of them neatly!

Labels are for filing. Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for People.


Thank you for reading! Do checkout more doodles on introversion here: https://thescribblebee.com/category/introvert_life/


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