Autumn Leaves

No, we are not saying goodbye.       
We are not gone.
We have not given up.
We are not alone.

We are just taking rest,
Catching some breath.
Collecting our thoughts
Before we shine again.


So, I went out for my usual walk yesterday and it was raining leaves outside. There isn’t much of any season where I live, but these are a bunch of sea almond trees (Terminalia catappa) that shed twice a year in the tropics.

The leaves turn bright red before they shed, giving the typical autumn feel. This, while another set of trees, mainly the flame of the forest, are still in bloom. It’s a lovely sight, but it doesn’t last for too long. Within about 2 weeks, all the trees would have shed and will be sprouting new, green, shiny leaves again. There is no winter here.

It’s a good cue to take from the trees. May be every once in a while, we should also shed some of our inhibitions, some of our fears, some of our bad habits and start afresh. Leave behind old failures. Prepare for one more earnest attempt. Sprout a new hobby. Adopt new obsessions. Rinse and repeat, every six months.

It may or may not help us move forward. But hopefully, it should keep our brains and (most importantly) our souls alive for another try.

Cheers! and Happy Halloween!


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2 Replies to “Autumn Leaves”

  1. The key is “There is no winter here.” Over here, there is the winter with snow and ice, slips and injuries etc. The “fall foliage” is the colors of slow mass death, nothing to celebrate about.


    1. “the colour of mass death”.. yeah, that is relatable. The thing about autumn is that it has always been associated with “ripeness” which can be seen in a happy or a sad way depending on the context. either the harvest or the old age. So one can find poems referring to both sides of it. Even with the winters, nature will survive it and come back in bloom again.

      Though living at a place that is naturally a rain-forest, one gets the appreciation of how teeming it is with life. everything grows so fast here as it is really growing all the time and not having to face winter at all.


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