Ideas are ephemeral

A comic about how ideas are so ephemeral, and yet they can be grasped and even made eternal if we give them time, attention and love.

This year, I started to learn how to read piano notes. And it blows my mind to realize that someone had composed a song 250 years ago, and I, a novice who has never heard the tune before, can still read their notes and make sense of it and bring alive their song. Isn’t that the most magical thing? That something that is as intangible and transient as music can actually be written down, and by that very process be made almost eternal in some sense. That their notes were a medium for the people from the past to not only grasp their musical ideas, but actually pass them on across centuries. How mind blowing is that!


4 Replies to “Ideas are ephemeral”

    1. I am not sure why this is the case. Seems it looks okay if you click on the link and come to the website. But ideally, it should not be blurry. I will try to figure this out. Thanks for letting me know.


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