A room of one’s own

In her 1928 essay, Virginia Woolf argues that every woman needs a room of her own. What she meant is that women need uninterrupted time and space – something that men enjoy without question.

I would argue that a woman needs the space also to just be herself – and not have to constantly mould herself into this or that. That space is very limited for most women. What she can or cannot be is often dictated by the many roles she plays – “first you are a mother, then everything else”, “take care of your home first, then everything else.”

That “everything else” is her own self that gets lost in the long list of priorities. For the few who manage to find themselves, it is very much like clawing oneself out of these tentacles, with equal parts guilt and equal parts assertion.

A woman needs a room of one’s own. To be herself.


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